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In January an exciting email arrived from the other side of the world.  Prue Roberts, granddaughter of Percy and grandniece of Alfred Alford, both soldiers commemorated by the organ at St Mellitus, got in touch to tell us she had found an old audio cassette.  Karen, one of our archive volunteers, had made contact with Prue – who now lives in Queensland, Australia – last year through Ancestry, the family history website, and since then Prue has kindly shared family photographs of her granddad and great uncle with the project.

In her email Prue explains: ‘I have been sorting out some old cassette tapes… and have found a cassette tape done by Percy Alford probably in the 1960s or 1970s. It is a recording of the Life Story of Gracie Fields… Percy speaks on the tape about how it brought back memories and he carried Gracie Fields in the taxi cab sometimes. He refers to ‘mother’ which is his wife Ethel, as he always called her mother. This tape was kept by my parents after he passed away and now I have it.’

You too can now hear the voice of Percy Alford, Private, Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex) Regiment 1914-15; Royal Flying Corps 1915-19 and returning First World War soldier:


Prue has guest penned the latest ‘Meet the Soldier’ blog post.  Click here to read it and find our more about the Alford brothers.





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