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Today we launch our finished soundscapes and accompanying films, collective works resulting from a series of online community workshops.

Taking inspiration from the newly restored St Mellitus First World War memorial organ, which commemorates lives lost and saved, Objects as Memorials is about objects that represent us, our stories, journeys – past and future. It is about memories – how they adapt, fragment and meld over time. It is about collections of objects and how conversations inform and shape our memories surrounding them.

Like so much in life over the past year, this ever-evolving project has had to adapt to the pandemic, as many of us stayed at home. Tara Franks of SoundsCreative Projects, the Creative Leader/Composer who led the project, said:

As the nature of the piece slowly morphed and adapted, the workshop process also had to be rethought too, but we adapted to zoom life and there was something intriguing about exploring objects, memories and the fragmentation of these memories over time whilst everyone involved was trapped in their own homes and amongst their own objects day in and day out.

The process began in February 2021, with a series of online community workshops. Participants from four community groups – from young to old – explored their own stories and sense of place by collecting objects that represent themselves, their families and heritage. Through dialogue, word collection and poetry making, sound-making, composition, image creating and play, sound and music recordings poetry were collected and assembled, which led to the creation of a new soundscape together with a film which was made in response to it.

Thanks to all involved for contributing to a really beautiful work! We hope that you enjoy listening and watching.

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